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The Most Important Conversation Of My Life & Possibly Yours
Written by Tom Beal
RE: How to Speak With & Learn From Your Future Self

The date was September 21, 2012.

As I was driving to the office of Strategic Profits that morning it struck me like a ton of bricks, “Holy cow! This is the last day of my 30’s! Tomorrow I will be 40 years old!”

My mind began racing to many thoughts ranging from: I can hardly believe I’m still alive to what a wild and crazy journey it has been so far. 

Then this question came to mind that intrigued me, 

“If I were able to sit down with my self from 20 years ago, what wisdom would I share; knowing what I now know?”

For me, the answer was quite quick, deliberate, and powerful. 

“Get clear on what you want! When you’re clear on what you want, you always get it.”
This has proven to be true personally & professionally, sometimes in seemingly unrealistic manners. But you did it anyhow.

Remember that time you just wanted to make it out of USMC Boot Camp alive and in one piece? You did it. And came out as Honor Graduate, Platoon High Shooter, Platoon High PFT’er, and Guide of your platoon that won a clean sweep of drill, rifle range, and testing.

Remember that time after your car crash the doctors told you that you may never walk and talk properly again? You checked yourself out against doctors orders and was walking and talking normally in short order. (Some would say I’m still learning. LOL!)

Remember that time you had the idea to attend that seminar but didn’t have the money for the ticket, the plane, or hotel, and people called you all sorts of names (crazy, dreamer, etc) but you knew you had to be there? You did it. 

Remember that time you had the idea of starting a business with Hall of Fame quarterback and childhood hero, Jim Kelly. You did it.

Remember that time you had the idea of working with Mike Filsaime? You did it for 5 amazing years, then did it again wth Rich Schefren.

Remember that time you were heading to a large event and you had the idea and intention of somehow getting on the stage even if just for a brief moment? You did it…while wearing a Mankini and it’s still talked about to this day over 5 years later.

Remember that time you looked in the mirror and chose in that moment to get into peak shape? You did it. In 60 days you went from 198 pounds to 168 pounds. From chubby to ripped and have kept it off for 7 years (for the most part), plus shared it in a free report MyTransformationSecrets.com that has impacted thousands of lives positively.

Remember that woman in your new neighborhood who caught your eye as she was washing her vehicle and you almost wrecked by staring so much? You got her. BTW - Proves your salesmanship, too. Definitely “fighting out of your weight class.” :)

And on and on and on. 

Whether it’s a business, relationship, or health goal, once you’re clear on what you want you take the steps to make it happen, even if you aren’t quite sure how it will turn out exactly. 

You know what your steps to do today are, and you do them.

*** What wisdom would you share with your younger self of 20 years ago? How can you solidify that by remembering how that wisdom worked for you time and again in these 20 years? Now back to the story…

Chatting with my younger self in my mind was a super exciting process. I pictured me sitting down with my hard charging US Marine self and consulting him/me just like I currently do with myhigh achieving clients.

Being that I had some inside info on the years to come, I also shared words of comfort like, 
“You have one wild and crazy road ahead of you. Know that there will be some amazingly awesome times, and there will be some ridiculously sorrowful & sad times. 

Through it all, you come out shining like a star, even at times when it appears there is no light at the end of that tunnel, and you feel like you have no one by your side. 

You always have people who love you and who are cheering for you by your side even if from a distance. Don’t forget that. You’re not on this journey alone, even if at times it may feel that way. 

Just remember to get clear on what you want, and take one small step each day to progress yourself. What seems like small and insignificant steps can and will lead to amazing results with consistency. 

It’s those small and seemingly insignificant steps made consistently that make all the difference. They’re easy to do, yet easier not to do, so be vigilant and choose to do the work that is yours to do.

Oh, and try not to be so pig headed. Choose to be a continual student. Find the right teachers, align yourself with them, and do the work, one small step at a time. 

This journey goes FAST! You’ll wake up in 20 years wondering where all the time went. Yes, each chapter can seem long while in it, but boy oh boy does 20 years go super fast. 

Make the most of each day, week, month, and year regardless of the season you may be in. Appreciate it all and choose to "make today great!”

This process was so intriguing to me, and the last part of the wisdom I shared with my younger self truly spoke to me in the present and I thought, “If these past 20 years went so fast, just imagine how quickly the next 20 will go.”

Which led me to the 2nd part of this important drive to the office and the 2nd question…

“I wonder what my 60 year old self would tell me now at 40.”

What wisdom would the most successful version of me 20 years from now share with me today? 

I pictured the fit, handsome, confident, highly successful, and wise version of me at 60 years old knowing exactly what to say to me, because he had lived my life and knew how I operated share this with me…

“Stop being a fucking pussy! You help a lot of people step out of their comfort zones to take the actions they must take if they are serious about their goals and dreams. Now it’s time to do the same with yourself now.

You have dreams you’ve been suppressing, songs that are yours to sing that are not being sung. 

If you don’t make some changes quickly, you’ll never get to me in 20 years. This version of me/you will disappear and you’ll have some lesser version of what you’re capable of, full of regrets at the end. 

Oh, you’d live a life that’s admirable to many if you don’t change, but not to you. You’re not one to settle! Or are you? Time will tell.

You have gifts and talents that are waiting to be tapped into. It will benefit your future clients, it will benefit you and your family, and it will benefit humanity; all in more ways you can currently imagine. 

They, and I, are all waiting for you outside your comfort zone. You know what to do. Dig deep and do it.

Oh, and in case you forgot, it will not be a path of rainbows and unicorns. It is full of massive joy & adventure (most will never experience) and crazy pain & suffering (most could not endure), but it is worth it. 

You already know this deep down. Of course you want what I/you have 20 years from now. Who wouldn’t? 

Difference is that most would not be willing to go through what I/you went through to get here. It’s not an easy path. It’s not a path for most. It’s a path for the top 1%. It’s your path. 

Do what is yours to do!”

Little did I know that morning that the drive to work would be the catalyst of a future that was not even in my mind prior to this conversation with my self of 20 years ago and self 20 years from now. 

I didn’t immediately resign, however within a few months and after several heartfelt conversations with Rich Schefren, I amicably transitioned from role as President of Strategic Profits to President of my own company.

My hope is that by sharing my most important conversation of my life, it inspires you to have a similar conversation with your selves from 20 years ago and 20 years in the future. 
Warning! Your life may never be the same again. Step out of your comfort zone, then be like Nike and “Just do it!” 

About Author: Tom Beal

Since that important conversation, Tom Beal has spoken in front of thousands of entrepreneurs in 15 countries, and has built up a who’s who client list of millionaires around the globe he consults and coaches to have it all (amazing health, relationships, and profits). He also teamed up with NY Times Best Selling Authors of The 12 Week Year to create a course which helps you achieve more in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months. 
About Author: Tom Beal
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