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Written by Tom Beal on January 8, 2019
There's a lot happening in this world that we're not necessarily able to see or comprehend, happening all around us at all times. Some people call it synchronicity. Some people call it luck. Some people call it odd or strange. I call it a conspiracy! …But in a good way.

It reminds me of an iceberg and what we see in our 3-D reality is the part of the iceberg that is above water, roughly 20% of what is truly at work. The things we can’t see or understand is the main portion of the iceberg (about 80%) which is a part of us and happening all around us at all times, yet behind the scenes (think the Matt Damon movie, The Adjustment Bureau).  
Written by Tom Beal
If you’re like me, you like to cut right to the chase. That’s exactly what I’m going to do here. Let me ask you these three simple questions first: 1. Have you ever overcomplicated anything in your business? 2. Has anyone ever shared a tip or strategy with you that afterwards gave you an entirely new perspective and way of doing things?  3. Do you believe that it is possible to 10X your business in the upcoming 12 months? 

Written by Tom Beal
As I was driving to the office of Strategic Profits that morning it struck me like a ton of bricks, “Holy cow! This is the last day of my 30’s! Tomorrow I will be 40 years old!”

My mind began racing to many thoughts ranging from: I can hardly believe I’m still alive to what a wild and crazy journey it has been so far. 

Then this question came to mind that intrigued me, 

“If I were able to sit down with my self from 20 years ago, what wisdom would I share; knowing what I now know?”
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Do you desire more Joy, Adventure, and Passion in your life?

How about peace, love, and happiness, all topped off with an incredible lifestyle filled with extreme gratitude.

Recently, after finding myself procrastinating, and asking myself why I was not taking the actions I knew I should be, it hit me. I was overcomplicating things!

I was not confident of what my next steps to take were, and in that lack of confidence my belief in actually being able to attain the goals I had was slim at best, which would make it virtually impossible to attain.
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