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10X Your Business in 22 Minutes w/ The Quiver of Clarity
Written by Tom Beal
If you’re like me, you like to cut right to the chase. That’s exactly what I’m going to do here. Let me ask you these three simple questions first:

1. Have you ever overcomplicated anything in your business?
2. Has anyone ever shared a tip or strategy with you that afterwards gave you an entirely new perspective and way of doing things? 
3. Do you believe that it is possible to 10X your business in the upcoming 12 months? 

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you’re going to love this chapter. It’s my hope that this incredible process I’m going to be sharing with you has the similar game & results changing results it has had for the thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve shared it with around the globe (11 countries in one year). 

One group in particular was a mastermind that had 12 people who invested $35,000 EACH to be a part of. After this process was explained to them and they went through it on day 1 of this 7 day mastermind, they all said that if this was all that they received all week, it alone would be worth their investments. It was then and is now that powerful of a tool.

Are you ready to learn it? Great! Here we go…

Step #1: Your Personal “You Diagram”

Have you ever seen an image that had a YOU in the middle of a sheet of paper then listed out an overwhelming amount of tasks and responsibilities that you were responsible for?
It is called The You Diagram and creating your very own personal You Diagram is the start of this process and here’s how to do it:

1. Grab a blank sheet of paper and a pen

2. Write down EVERY task, activity, and thing that you do on any given month related to your business, ESPECIALLY the Minimum Wage Activities that you may even be embarrassed to admit that you still do them. Do NOT leave anything off of this list. Write it ALL down.

This has a twofold benefit for you. The first is to overwhelm you enough to recognize that, “This is CRAZY! I must make some changes if I want some changes to occur in my life & results.”

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. 

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

We’ll discuss the 2nd benefit shortly in an upcoming step. 

Step #2: Answer These 4 Questions (in the specified manner)

1. What ONE THING that I am currently not doing do I need to START DOING that has the potential to 10X my business & results?

    a. This answer is unique to you and your business. The answer may be something like: webinars, write a book, live events, product launch, create a new product or service, etc.

    b. The KEY is to choose ONE answer to this question that you’re currently not doing, but if you did start doing it would have the highest potential to dramatically boost your results by 10X.

2. What do I need to do MORE OF? 

Answer is: My 3 Unique Abilities. To find out what these 3 are, pull out the You Diagram you created in Step 1, and ask yourself this, “If I was only allowed to do 3 of those activities in the upcoming months, which would allow the business to continue to not just survive but grow, what would those 3 activities be?"

    a. These are the 3 things that only you can do, that are the answer to, “What is the absolute best use of my time, right now?” Many call this your Unique Abilities or Highest Revenue Producing Activities.

    b. Goal here is to get CLARITY on what the absolute best use of your time is, THEN schedule these activities into your calendar. Things that are important to us are scheduled, correct? These are the BEST use of your time, so schedule it NOW (recurring time blocks for each task each week).

3. What do I need to do LESS OF? 

Grab your You Diagram again. The answer to this question is EVERYTHING else that remains on that list except the 3 tasks you chose in step 2.

    a. Obviously, not all have the staff or resources when reading this to magically make all of these other taks and responsibilities disappear right away. However, now that you know what the best use of your time is and what isn’t NOW is the time to begin thinking about creating systems, processes, outsourcing solutions, and hiring in some cases to remove these non-essential tasks from your plate so you can focus more on your Unique Abilities.

4. What do I need to STOP DOING altogether? 

All entrepreneurs have some “demons” or habits that are contrary to their desired goals, and you are no exception. This is a time for you to recognize that some of your habits and actions of the past that may have served you in some way or fashion no longer serve you and you are choosing to leave them behind once and for all as you grow internally and remain congruently focused and on path with your desired external results.

These four questions are recommended to be asked at least once per quarter to always have you clear on focused on what is important to you. They will be helpful in all areas of your life (health, relationships, and finances) if you so choose, to 10X every aspect of your life. 

Jim Rohn says, “Things that are easy to do are easier not to do.” …and is what separates top performers from the rest. They do the seemingly small tasks that matter, whether they feel like it or not, while the rest don’t. 

I am confident that you would not have read this far to drop the ball without implementing these simple yet powerful steps right away. As Nike says, “Just do it!”

CAUTION: Please do NOT let the simplicity of this process fool you. When you choose to go through it now and at least once per quarter it can and will change everything for you, personally & professionally. 
Do your self, results, and peace of mind a favor and actually do this process NOW, then create a plan (and your calendar appointments) to follow through with the answers to those four questions, I call my Quiver of Clarity:

1. START doing that ONE THING which has the highest potential to 10X your results when completed and implemented

2. DO MORE of your 3 unique abilities, which are the highest and best use of your time, and are placed into your schedule as appointments you take & act upon seriously

3. DO LESS of all minimum wage activities and tasks that are not your unique abilities. Create systems, processes, and staff that gets these off your plate yet accomplished

4. STOP DOING the things that are counter to your goals, and those old habits and demons that you have finally outgrown

BONUS TIP: Have each of your team members go through this process, as well, and watch their clarity, productivity, and results skyrocket, along with your entire business and results. 

About Author: Tom Beal

Tom Beal continually pushes himself and his clients out of their comfort zones (sometimes even on stages in a green mankini; he and clients), to follow the path he and they knew/know was theirs to pave, and allow those big dreams that had been suppressed for years to finally see the light. He’s worked with all of his hero’s in the marketing world and beyond, and nothing brings him more joy than connecting the dots for his clients, to help them turn their dreams into reality. If you are tired of suppressing your big & scary (to you) dreams, and are finally ready to show yourself what you are truly capable of, simply reach out to Tom here: http://www.yourbestawaits.com
About Author: Tom Beal
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