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Trinity Success Method
Written by Tom Beal
Do you desire more Joy, Adventure, and Passion in your life?

How about peace, love, and happiness, all topped off with an incredible lifestyle filled with extreme gratitude.

Recently, after finding myself procrastinating, and asking myself why I was not taking the actions I knew I should be, it hit me. I was overcomplicating things!

I was not confident of what my next steps to take were, and in that lack of confidence my belief in actually being able to attain the goals I had was slim at best, which would make it virtually impossible to attain.

So I went back to the basics and uncovered this epiphany that simplified not only my immediate goals at hand, but success in life at all levels in a way I had never heard or experienced before.

Almost as if my hand was being controlled by someone or something other than me, I began to draw triangles on a large pad and then attach words to each side of those 7 triangles, and when I was done had a euphoric feeling and felt like yelling "Eureka!"

This was a good one, and if explained properly can greatly assist you right now in taking your life and results to a whole new level.

Strangely, this all happened on the 4th anniversary of the passing of my Dad, at 56, just a few weeks prior to me finally sitting down and writing out this new epiphany for you, right

This is my first attempt at putting this into words, and it is my hope I will be able to do it in a way that has a positive and lasting impact on your life.

Here we go...

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and then draw an equilateral triangle in the center of the page.

Below the base of the triangle write Health, to the outside of the left side, write Relationships, and on the outside of the right hand side, write Financial.

True Success is a balance of all three sides of that triangle:

Health, Relationships, and Finances.

One without the others hampers true joy, adventure, peace, happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and passion.

Here's the rub: rarely are, or can all three be absolutely perfect. Life would be boring without chaos. Think about it.

Where and how could we grow and explore without chaos. We can either choose to make a game of it and seek solutions to the chaos that arises, or fret, worry and complain about it. I know you choose the prior, or else you wouldn't have come across this book, or read this far, and I commend you for being an action taker.

So, back to the True Success Triangle...

Generally there is one of the sides that demand the lion’s share of your attention, and in many cases two of the three may be in a bit of a mess, and occasionally all three can be in shambles.

We all have Winters and Summers. Times of ease & flow, and times of pain & difficulty.

Good and bad are just labels we as humans made up to define moments that in the entire of scope of time, just are. It's the meanings we attach to those moments and how we choose to act in all of them that determine our happiness in the moment that matters the most, the now.

Back to your piece of paper. Time to draw another Triangle. This time draw a small arrow below the Health base that leads to another Triangle. On the second triangle below the first one, write in these three words for the base then left and right:

Spiritual/Emotional, Mental, and Physical.

To have true health, we need clarity and control of our mind, a fit and working body, and emotional vitality to include recognition that there's more happening than our 3-dimensional body and 5 senses can ever know...and be alright with that.

Now to the left side of the original triangle, Relationships. Draw a short line that leads to another triangle and label each side as:

Personal, Professional, and Social.

Relationships will be our greatest joys or miseries in this journey, and it all depends on how we choose to treat them.

The first and most important relationship you can cultivate is the one with you and your ‘self.’ I challenge and dare you to become a person you are proud of. Become the person who knows that if more people were like you, this world would be a better place. Be a good friend to your ‘self,’ then be a good friend to others.

I know many people, including top performers, who beat themselves up relentlessly, and would never speak to anyone the way they speak to themselves. Sure, we must learn to push ourselves, but we must also learn to do it lovingly and tactfully...as we would to our best friend. Become your best friend. And watch how many others will also want to have you as their best friend, too.

Professional and social relationships are also a huge determining factor to your overall happiness and success. We live in a day and age where meeting one person who sees the
value you can contribute to them can change every aspect of your life.

Your family and love life plays a huge part in life enjoyment or misery. And there will be times of joy and pain in these areas.

One thing you want to keep top of mind in dealing with your family and loved ones is that this journey is brief, regardless of how long we remain breathing!

None of us have a guarantee of another day, week, month, or year. Be sure to get over grudges with family members and key relationships sooner than later. Those are ridiculous to hold on to, and are like drinking poison, hoping the other person dies. It is just not worth it. Call them, write them, forgive them, and move on. Sometimes you may not continue to spend time with them, but don't spend time in your mind focusing on negative
memories, or current outrageous happenings either.

Ok, on to the third side of the original triangle, Finances. Draw a brief arrow from that side to a new triangle you draw with these 3 words around them starting from the base, and then left to right: Today, Tomorrow, Contribution.

In business I break down all of my projects to fit into either Today or Tomorrow money categories. Today means it can and will generate revenue, income, and profits within 30 days...to keep all of my bills and expenses paid which support my lifestyle.

Tomorrow money projects are the larger ones which are capable of bringing in bigger results, but take more time to put them together. These are always helpful to take you to the next level with a large cash inflow for the projects that work.

No risk, no reward. Goal is to make calculated risks with good judgment and discernment. It's all a hypothesis that needs to constantly be tweaked, revised, and updated based upon new information.

Contributions have always amazed me. When you find yourself giving back whatever you're capable of (time or money) to people and charities in need, it opens doors, and sometimes flood gates, that you would have never expected or dreamed of.

Be sure that when you contribute, give with zero ulterior motives in mind. Give because of the good feelings it gives you, to include gratitude for being able to give, and the help it brings to others, no matter how much or how little that giving is. It's not about the size of the gift, it's about your capability and willingness to give from a pure heart.

So I challenge you to do a current assessment of your True Success level right now at this moment.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being lowest and 10 being highest, where would you rate your

• Health:
• Relationships:
• Finances:

That is your starting point, and it may be a different rating for you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, depending upon the happenings in your life.

The next step is to ask your ‘self’ for each of those three areas, these questions:

• Where would you like it to be in this area, within the next 12 months?

• How are you going to make that happen?

• What must take place to get you from where you are to

where you want to be?

• By when will this occur?

• When are you going to begin?

Congratulations! You are now on a proper, simplified path to getting from where you are to where you want to go.

Now it's time to go back to the initial center True Success Triangle, and this time we are going to write in the only three things that you can control on this journey. 

Starting on the inside base of the triangle, to the left, then right, write in: Thoughts, Words, Actions.

Those are how you are going to transform every aspect of your life, starting now. It begins by recognizing that EVERY thing you choose to Think, Speak, and Do is either bringing you closer to or further from your desired outcomes.

The kicker is that it is the small, seemingly insignificant choices about what you think, say, and do, regularly and consistently that fast track you to your goals or to 180 degrees from your goals, and that choice is all yours.

Here are some questions that will help you stay focused on the proper thoughts, words, and actions:

1) What is my desired outcome? (This is now your daily power question.)

Ask this at the beginning of each day, and prior to personal & professional "events" that are important, such as: phone calls, meetings, trips, presentations, etc.

First thing in the morning, you will want to consciously set a desired outcome to do something that progresses your life and success in the 3 areas we discussed today: health, relationships, and finances.

What am I going to do today that will improve my health? 

I will choose to eat healthy & nutritious foods, move a lot by (whatever you choose to do that day: walking, running, biking, swimming, stair master, yoga, pilates, etc), stay well hydrated and get proper sleep.

What am I going to do to improve my key relationships today? 

How can I make the lives of the people I care about and come in contact with feel special today? Who do I need to call, text, email, FaceTime, or Skype today? How can I make their day better?

What am I going to do to improve my finances today? 

will choose to be observant to what I spend my money on today, minimizing impulse purchases, asking myself if I really need this, or am just considering buying it out of boredom. Where is my next sale coming from? Where can I get more potential prospects from? What value can I provide my customers and following? What solution
can I provide?

This daily power question is especially helpful to ask yourself when you feel your emotions rising.

When a potential argument begins, and you feel your emotions rising, you will want to recognize that this situation is important to you, since you feel your emotions rising. Then you calmly ask yourself in your mind, "What is my desired outcome in this situation?"

This combined with not taking the situation personally or making assumptions about the other person or this situation as a whole can help you remain calm to not think, say, or do things that you'll later regret.

You may even catch yourself, then state to the other person or people calmly, "My desired outcome for this situation is to..." then state a common ground that all parties would agree to as a desired outcome, "...do you agree that is a good goal for us to go for today?" then
get back to making that happen, versus fighting or arguing, which would pull you far from your ideal desired outcome.

2) Is this the best use of my time right now?

If yes, keep doing it; if no, what are 3 options of what you could do right now? Which is my absolute best option?

Just as we have focused on triangles in this exercise, narrowing your possibilities down to the top 3 highly cuts back on overwhelm and procrastination.

So let's recap our Trinity Success Method that we reviewed today:

• Success = health, relationships, finances

• Health = spiritual/emotional, mental, physical

• Relationships = personal, professional, social

• Finances = today money, tomorrow money, contribution

All while searching for: Joy, Adventure, Passion, and: Love, Peace & Happiness on this brief and exciting journey.

Only three things we can control in this life is our: thoughts, words, & actions.

About Author: Tom Beal

Tom Beal continually pushes himself and his clients out of their comfort zones (sometimes even on stages in a green mankini; he and clients), to follow the path he and they knew/know was theirs to pave, and allow those big dreams that had been suppressed for years to finally see the light. He’s worked with all of his hero’s in the marketing world and beyond, and nothing brings him more joy than connecting the dots for his clients, to help them turn their dreams into reality. If you are tired of suppressing your big & scary (to you) dreams, and are finally ready to show yourself what you are truly capable of, simply reach out to Tom here: http://www.yourbestawaits.com
About Author: Tom Beal
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